Community Family Life Services


Mission Statement:
Community Family Life Services is a nonprofit organization that provides high impact housing, youth development, employment, mentoring, and emergency services to 500 homeless and low income persons monthly to create opportunities for their success.

About CFLS:
CFLS provides high impact housing, youth development, employment, mentoring, and emergency services to 500 homeless and low income persons monthly to create opportunities for their success. CFLS was originally founded in 1969 by members of First Trinity Lutheran Church in Judiciary Square to provide support for
ex-offenders and their families

For more information: Website, Facebook, Twitter

Services & Programs:

Trinity Arms:
Two year transitional housing program to support and serve 19 homeless families in moving from homelessness to self sufficiency through case management and life skills.

Housing/ Case Management for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS:
Housing provided for 17 individuals and families persons that are HIV positive.

Milestone Place:
Permanent housing for 35 single, formerly homeless adults and veterans – many with mental and physical challenges.

Youth Development and Advocacy:
Year round after-school tutoring and advocacy in the schools for children ages 5 to 16 with a six week summer camp program.

Emergency Services and Clothing:
Emergency food, rent, and utility financial assistance for residents of Ward 6 to prevent eviction or having utilities disconnected. Referrals are provided to other agencies.

*Clothing is distributed to women on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 to 12, to men on Fridays, 10 to 12. Children’s clothing is distributed at either time.

Family-to-Family Mentoring:
Families in transition are matched with stable mentor families who provide leadership, skills, and tools to strengthen family relationships, find employment, and stabilize living arrangements.

Volunteer Mentoring Partnership:
Offers a powerful combination of individual and community based mentoring, providing foster youth with sustainable positive adult relationships as well as group enrichment activities for 125 youth ranging from ages 6-11.

Employment Office:
Clients receive coaching to reach employment goals. The
employment office also offers voicemail boxes where clients can send and receive messages, computers to conduct job searches, and assistance with resumes and cover letters, and job interviews.

Senior Programs:
We deliver food once a month to approximately 50 people.

Substance Abuse Counseling:
CFLS provides in-house substance abuse counseling through a certified addictions counselor.

Homeless Breakfast:
Monthly hot breakfasts are served at First Trinity Lutheran Church on the second Saturday of each month. It is sponsored by CFLS for homeless and low income people.

Holiday Programs:
CFLS sponsors Adopt-a-Family for clients who live in our
housing units and a second program, Give-a-Gift, for the general public who qualify for assistance through TANF, SSI, or food stamps.

Volunteer Coordination:
CFLS has an extensive volunteer program. Volunteers are welcomed and appreciated.

Work Ready, Life Ready:
“Work Ready, Life Ready” is a multi-week pre-employment series for 50 youth ages 14-16, providing them with a chance to learn additional academic skills and pre-workplace behaviors. Objectives of the program include customer service, adapting to the boundaries of an organizational culture, being a team member. Group lessons and individual tutoring using Peer Assisted Learning Strategies (PALS) offer a support system to help the youth achieve these objectives.

In the program, youth will work in groups to develop a project that may include:

· planning and producing a play around a particular neighborhood issues (Media, Publications, Communications)
· conducting a survey of peers and writing about it in an electronic community newsletter (Information Technology
· simulating a brokerage and investment firm by managing a stock portfolio (Business/Financial Services).

These projects provide youth with opportunities for leadership and critical thinking development.


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