Community Family Life Services

Name: Claudia Thorne

Job Title: Executive Director

How long have you been working for CFLS?: Since September 2006.

What brought you to CFLS?: The mission and vision of the organization. Who we serve and how we serve. We are positioned to help children and families living in underdeveloped communities or who have had challenges in their lives.

What’s the biggest reward you get from working at CFLS? Seeing all of the success we help make possible. When a family who was at one time homeless moves into permanent housing. When children succeed in school, when people who were hungry have food and when people with HIV have better health outcomes. When people tell us we have made such a difference in their lives.

Can you tell us one success story you’ve seen? The success of the client who came to speak at the panel event at American University who is now working as a phlebotomist. We had a widowed woman who was unemployed and homeless with an infant and she is also now a phlebotomist. Now she’s ready to get her own apartment. When people are given the basic safety security web and are given the opportunity to know that they can do something, that’s why I am here.

Just for fun, favorite restaurant in DC? Indigo Landing in Alexandria.


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