Community Family Life Services

Name: April Wills

Job Title: Case Manager, Shelter Plus Care

How long have you been working for CFLS? About 8 months. I am originally from Washington, DC and I worked for another nonprofit with a similar empowerment mission before coming to CFLS.

What brought you to CFLS? Their mission. We work with helping homeless and low income individuals and families. I like working in the helping profession.

Job duties? Perform monthly home visits with clients, assist them with benefits, employment, emergency food and transportation, rental assistance and utility bills.

What’s the biggest reward you get from working at CFLS? Being able to help someone accomplish some type of success. It doesn’t need to be a lot– even if it’s just transportation or information for something that they did not previously know. When I go to a client’s house I’m there for a few hours. It’s deeper than just what’s on the monthly report; they let me know what’s going on in their lives.

Can you tell us one success story you’ve seen? When I first started working at CFLS, I had a client who had arthritis and walked with a cane. Because of physical therapy and the transportation we provided him to get this service, he can now walk the majority of the time without the cane and has a better attitude.

Just for fun, favorite restaurant in DC? Mongolian BBQ in Bethesda.


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