Community Family Life Services

Name: Connie Highfill

Job title: Employment & Housing Consultant

How long have you been working for CFLS? I have been employed part time at my current position for 1 year.  I have a prior employment history with CFLS that spans a period of 13 years working from the ranks of case manager to director of housing and case management services.

What brought you to CFLS? The agency’s mission to assist and support those in need.

Job duties: I currently work with clients of Trinity Arms and Milestone Place as well assisting walk-in clients with employment needs as follows: career assessment, job training referrals, readiness counseling, resume preparation, job search assistance and post job placement support.  With regard to housing: income evaluation, credit history assessment, permanent housing search.

What’s the biggest reward you get from working at CFLS? Having the privilege of guiding clients to their success in achieving self-sufficiency.

Can you tell us one success story you’ve seen? There are many, but one that comes to mind is a mother and her two children who entered the Trinity Arms program.  She has a history of substance abuse but gained sobriety through hard work and determination.  She located employment and in less than one year attained a management position.  She has also returned to school pursuing certification as an addictions counselor.  She is a true inspiration to her children and those who have the pleasure of meeting her.

Just for fun, favorite restaurant in DC? Rasika, which serves wonderful Indian cuisine.  There are so many to choose from but, this is my current favorite.


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